Sheila Okal is a Member of Kisumu City Board. She is also the Chairperson of the Committee of Education and Social Services and a member of the following committee; Legal and Enforcement Committee, Audit Committee, Public Health and Environment and the Board Business Committee.
Sheila holds a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology, with IT) Degree from Maseno University 2014, Diploma in Community Development studies from Premese Africa – Nairobi (2007) and Certificate in Early Childhood and community Development from the University of Nairobi (2011). Immediately after completion of her Diploma in Community Health and Development, Sheila started her medium level management career and this has span from management of projects (Project Manager), to management of Programmes (Programmes Co-ordinator) and to currently being in charge in the high-level management and Policy making as a Director.
Sheila’s Experience spans from Project Management, Management of rural and urban projects geared towards poverty alleviation, Water and Sanitation issues, Women empowerment, and implementation of HIV/AIDs related prevention programmes targeting the most vulnerable groups i.e. Women, Youth and Children, Resource Mobilization through Proposal Development, Project cycle management with reference to planning phase,preparation/feasibility study phase, and implementation.
Due to experiences gained, Sheila served at the Board of KIWASCO (Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Ltd.) during the period 2015-2017 in representation of the interest of women and Youth who are classified as marginalized. She has also been serving as the Program Director of the Greater Kisumu Peace and Development
Initiative (G-PED) from 2015 to date.
Sheila is an active member of two crucial institutions; Institute of Directors ( K ); M. IoD (K) and the Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG); the two institutions champion Director Professionalism and Development through good Corporate Governance for the enhancement of individuals skills and effective management of Organizations/institutions.
Lastly, Sheila is the Chairperson of Mama Grace Onyango Social Centre; formerly known as Kisumu Social Hall, a position she got by being the Chairperson of Education and Social Services.