In 2013, CGK adopted a five-year Strategic Plan that outlined its overall vision, mission as well as other ways to improve delivery of services to the public. One of the areas that the COK is giving considerable attention is the formulation and implementation of an ICT policy and strategy.

COK is aware that most institutions in both the public and private sectors are re-defining their policies and strategies to embrace ICT. In the public sector for example, the e-government strategy and the National ICT Policy were adopted in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The overall objective of the above policies being to improve service delivery in keeping with 21st century challenges.

The immediate challenge for COK is to establish medium and long-term ICT plan and adoption of an enabling policy. There is also need to harmonize and integrate existing systems, present and future initiatives. In this regard efforts to establish appropriate ICT standards, data security systems and procedures as well as related quality assurance mechanisms are a priority. In addition COK will need to address organization re- engineering, related staffing issues and ICT staff development.


Policy Statement

COK will continuously enhance its organizational capacity by adopting modern technology and skills development. This policy will ensure that ICT resources are optimally utilized in order to achieve efficiency in service delivery. It will facilitate efficient and effective service delivery through timely provision of a robust ICT infrastructure, application software, support services and operational capacity.



The department draws its functions from the:

  • Urban Areas and Cities Act
  • Constitution of Kenya 2010,
  • County of Government Act,
  • County Government Act 2012;
  • COK Staff Regulations
  • E-Government Strategy;
  • E-Government Standards and Guidelines;
  • National ICT Policy;
  • The Freedom of Information Bill
  • Any other relevant legal provision that may come into force

Vision Statement

To be a leader in Service Delivery based solutions that deliver quality and confidence.

Mission Statement

To support the mission of COK through the provision of;

  • Data Centre & Blade Servers services
  • Software Development/Acquisition
  • Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN, Telephony)
  • Hardware Acquisition and Maintenance
  • Web design and Maintenance(Intranet and Internet)
  • End User Support
  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity (Backup, Disaster Recovery)
  • End User Training
  • Collaboration between the City and other Industry players
  • Encourage innovations in technology development, use of technology and general work flows within COK;
  • Promote Information sharing, transparency and accountability within COK and towards the general public;
  • Promote efficient communication among COK’s staff and stakeholders; and
  • Ensure that ICT facilities are fully accessible to users with special needs.