The City Planning Department is operating under the City management as a support to the management on matters of urban development and physical planning. It offers technical support to the city manager in the daily running of the city. The support operates on the proceeds of Laws, Regulations, and by-laws such as The Urban Areas and Cities Act, the available Land laws, Physical and Land use planning Act of 2019 among others.


To provide and initiate a Planning that is responsive to the needs of the urban population in providing strategic direction in developing and planning.


To provide a highly liveable City well planned and managed with the ability to provide adequate infrastructure services to its citizen and visitors.


Sections within the department.

Physical planning/Urban development.

The department is part of the committee responsible for Steering, designing, reviewing, implementing, and monitoring proposed infrastructure projects e. g. The non-motorized transport system, street beautification, opening up and upgrade of the sewer line.  This section also oversees development control processes and creating awareness on the use of different urban spaces and enforcing them in an organized manner. Currently, much if not all of the development control is carried out at the county’s head quarter’s department of physical planning. The city’s physical planning department in this case offers support to the county’s physical planning department in research and policy, record availing, monitoring enforcement, and compliance within the city boundary.

The section is also responsible for reading and interpreting maps. This is important in understanding specified land uses in relation to boundary or projecting urban development trends.

Valuation and Rating

The purpose of the section is to:

  • Ensure efficiency, accountability, and transparency in the administration of valuation of land for rating.
  • Promote economic development.
  • Ensure equity and fairness in land valuation and rating system.
  • Ensure compliance with payment of rates related to land.

Surveying Section

This section is the authority over the boundary. It defines boundaries for properties of the city and roads. The section also gives mapping services to enable the city have an inventory of the spatial delineation, infrastructure mapping, grabbed properties among others.