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This morning, City Manager Abala Wanga presided over the official launch of an initiative aimed at tackling waste accumulation in the city. Over 15 skips and 150 bins have been distributed to various locations to help achieve zero waste capacity. This Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) is focused on fast-tracking the implementation of waste management programs as outlined in the City Solid Waste Management Strategy.

Acknowledging the significant challenges of waste management, the City Manager has directed the head of the city inspectorate to be vigilant in monitoring and penalizing those who dispose of waste improperly, particularly in drainage systems.

This initiative will continue for the next three days, leading up to the monthly tree planting event on the tenth day of each month, as gazetted by Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o. This event is part of the city’s ongoing greening initiative.

Through collaboration with various partners, the city aims to reduce waste accumulation to zero capacity in different locations.

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